Which Of Our Teas Can Help Ease Cold and Flu Symptoms?

Which Of Our Teas Can Help Ease Cold and Flu Symptoms?

When you’re sick with a cold or the flu, one of the first recommendations from a doctor is to drink more fluids.

While water and other drinks are crucial to your recovery, many people reach for tea to battle their illness. However it is not always easy to choose the right tea depending to your illness due overabundance of tea options

The tea’s warm liquid alleviates your throat and helps with congestion. It also increases antibacterial properties that aid in promptly curing colds. When you add some honey to your tea, it helps with coughing and if you use a lemon in your tea, the body will receive a boost of vitamin C, weakening your cold.

While you may think all teas are the same when it comes to helping with a cold or the flu, this is not the case. Some teas contain properties that give the immune system a boost and get rid of bad germs. Herbal and true teas benefit colds as well as flu symptoms, so you’ll be back to your healthy self in no time.

Just keep in mind, the right tea is in no way a substitute for the antibiotics or medication prescribed to help with your illness. But, since most employees continue working while sick, we often need some help dealing with symptoms while at the office.

In that case, these are the teas you should drink while you’re sick with a cold or the flu:


Beyond the distinct taste from peppermint tea, you’ll also ingest menthol in the leaves which help if you have a cough. It has the same properties as a cough drop and also helps with breathing by getting rid of your congestion. The tea also decreases pain, inflammation, and body aches.

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If you have a sore throat, ginger tea will soothe it. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as prohibiting microorganisms, which can result in infection.

If your stomach becomes upset along with your sickness, ginger tea helps with nausea. The tea can also clear up sinuses and congestion, while reducing vomiting and motion sickness.

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It can be hard to focus on one area where green tea affects health. From improved brain function to fat burning, green tea is kind of the Swiss Army knife of hot beverages.

When it comes to the cold and flu, antioxidants in green tea help take away bad bacteria and free radicals. Congestion and coughing are reduced when you drink this tea.

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Another tea loaded with antioxidants, hibiscus is also rich in vitamin C and iron. Both properties help the immune system stay balanced and fight bacteria, helping you ditch a cold or flu more quickly.

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