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Strong Pure Sencha Green Tea

The ​benefits of sencha green tea​ come from its potent ​antioxidant​ and vitamin C content. ​Green tea helps to prevent coronary heart disease, reduces cholesterol, and regulates blood sugar levels. Drinking green tea is amazing for the ​skin​ as it keeps your skin hydrated. It is the perfect ​weight-loss aid as it helps to boost your energy and metabolism. Can be enjoyed hot or as an ​iced tea​ to reinvigorate you during the day.


  • Botanical name:​ Camelia Sinensis
  • Quantity:​ 20 herbal tea bags
  • Total tea box content:​ 48 g
  • Ingredients: ​100% premium spring harvest sencha green tea


  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavouring
  • No GMOs

At Crown Herbal Products, we ethically source all of our tea products as we only want to serve you the best possible products and experience. We have spent years of research to produce the highest quality teas around. Our success depends on your complete satisfaction.