Strong Lemongrass ( Fever Grass) Tea

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Ingredients:- 100% Caribbean Lemongrass

Botanical name:- cymbopogon

24 Herbal Tea bag’s, Total Tea box Content 48g

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Strong Lemongrass( Fever Grass) Tea.

Known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the lemongrass in the Strong Lemongrass (Fever Grass) Tea may be your ticket to a healthier, happier lifestyle. The tea is loaded with vitamin C in high concentrations that serve to detoxify the body, including clearing up acne and oily skin. It is made from 100 percent ethically sourced Caribbean lemongrass, taken from its natural habitat to provide you with only the most potent tea. Two grams of lemongrass tea can be found in each of the 24 tea bags, giving you more than enough to get you through the cold season.

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1 review for Strong Lemongrass ( Fever Grass) Tea

  1. 49803786_f10uvj

    Rich Taste. Natural & Healthy.

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