Strong Guineasop Tea


  • Ethically Sourced
  • No Cafeeine
  • No GMO
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavouring

Ingredients: Guinea Hen Weed, Soursop, Kalanchoe and Ginger
Botanical Name: petiveria alliacea
Quantity: 20 Enveloped Teabags
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Strong Guineasop Tea

Our Strong Guineasop Tea is a unique tea blend made with the leaves and roots of Guinea Hen Weed and the leaves of the Soursop fruit tree. The Guinea Hen Weed plant is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and tropical regions in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. This unique combination with Soursop, Kalanchoe and Ginger provides an impressive list of health benefits.

This Guineasop Tea is rich with nutrients and bioactive compounds. It is rich with antioxidants which research has shown to neutralize free radicals and help lower the risks of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Studies have also shown that this tea as anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce inflammation of the joints and alleviates pain. Guinea Hen Weed has shown to enhance the brain function, improving memory and reducing signs of anxiety. According to research, this tea may also help fight against harmful bacteria and viruses, stabilize blood sugar levels, promote digestive health and boost liver health.

Enjoy a nutritious refreshing warm cup of our Strong Guineasop Tea in the winter and a rejuvenating chilled cup during summer!


  • It’s known to have anticancer properties. It’s rich with antioxidants known to protect against and repair damage caused by free radicals that may cause oxidative stress which has been linked to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • It’s known to boost immune system. It has immune-activation properties which may activate the immune system and increase the production of lymphocytes. Thus, promoting healthy functioning immune system.
  • It’s known to have anti-bacterial properties. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties which may kill harmful bacteria and help protect against bacterial infections.
  • It’s also known to reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar levels, relieve stomach issues, reduce stress, stabilize blood sugar, promote healthy menstruation, stimulate digestion, and relieve cold and flu symptoms.
  • 100% Natural. No preservatives, No artificial flavoring, No GMO.
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