Strong Cerasee (Karela/Bitter Melon) Tea

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Ingredients:- 100% Whole plant Caribbean Bitter Melon

Botanical Name:- momordica charantia

24 Herbal Teabags, Total Tea box Content 48 g.

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Strong Cerasee (Karela/Bitter Melon) Tea

Full of all of the health benefits of bitter melon with plenty of robust flavor, the Strong Cerasee (Karela/Bitter Melon) Tea is a delightfully potent herbal tea that belongs in your daily life. Made with 100 percent whole plant Caribbean bitter melon, the herbal tea is packed full of crucial nutrients such as potassium, iron, vitamin C and fiber. With twice the calcium levels of spinach and twice the beta carotene of broccoli, this ethically sourced, GMO-free bitter melon may provide benefits such as relieving constipation, reducing bad cholesterol levels and even strengthen bones and teeth. With two grams of tea per bag and 20 tea bags in a box, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

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1 review for Strong Cerasee (Karela/Bitter Melon) Tea

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