Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetner (Caramel)

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  • No Artifical Flavouring
  • Non Glycemic Responce
  • Calore Free
  • Carbs Free
  • No GMO
  • Sugar Free

Instant Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetener

Made from Organic Stevia Leave Extract, Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerol.

Comes in 7 Flavors

50ml Tincture

Approximately 400 Servings

2 Free Samples with Each Order.

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 Instant Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetener

Sweeten up your tea without the guilt and the calories of regular sugar with these Instant Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetener. Free from carbs, sugars, calories and gluten, this tincture uses organic stevia leaf extract to naturally provide a sweet flavor in a healthier way than sugar or artificial sweeteners. Free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and GMOs, you can enjoy each drop without wondering what’s going into your body. With 50 milliliters of the tincture in each bottle, you’ll be able to add an instantly sweeter taste for up to 400 servings. Choose from one of seven selections such as caramel, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, banana, coconut and pure sugar flavors.

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1 review for Stevia Drops Liquid Sweetner (Caramel)

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    Natural And Healthy

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