What is the source of herbal ingredients used by Crown Herbal Products?

The natural herbs are mostly sourced from Asia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. These are ethically obtained and produced, without any artificial coloring, and preservatives.

What allergens are Herbal Crown Products free of?

Our herbal tea products are free from artificial coloring and flavoring containing natural taste and health benefits. Our Stevia Drops are free from calorie, carbs, sugar and gluten produced with 100% Organic Stevia Extract.

What is Herbal Crown Products’ policy on GMOs?

Our policy about GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) is very strict. We are committed to work with non GMO materials and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to keep quality standards high and consistent.

All natural herbs sourced are cultivated and grown Certified 100% Organic and so are GMO-free. We will remain consistent with our quality standards to ensure that our herbal products are free from GMO.

Do Stevia Drops have any side effects on health?

Herbal Stevia Drops is a natural liquid sweetener, non-caloric, a great alternative to artificial sweeteners such as cyclamate saccharin and aspartame. Everyone (young or adult) can enjoy sweetness without any risk of weight gain, tooth decay or hyperactivity. It has no side effects on your body health as it is calorie free, carb free, sugar free, gluten free product.

Do Stevia Drops Liquid Sweeteners have bitterness or aftertaste?

The bitterness or aftertaste can be produced by using artificial flavors and chemicals. Since we use no artificial chemicals in our products, Stevia Drops have no bitterness or any aftertaste.

Do Stevia Drops Liquid Sweeteners need refrigeration?

No, there is no need to refrigerate Stevia Drops. Simply keep it at room temperature for better consumption.

Can Stevia Drops Liquid Sweeteners be used in Cooking and Baking?

Yes, it can be a great substitute of sugar in desserts, smoothies, oatmeal, cakes, etc. Please consider the serving chart before adding sweetener to your recipes.

What are the ingredients used in our Stevia Drops Liquid Sweeteners?

Our Stevia Drops Liquid Sweeteners are extracted from natural organic stevia leaves. Other ingredients include natural flavors, purified water, Vitamin C, and Vegetable Glycerol.

Is Glucoblocker/ Gymnema tea healthy for pregnant women?

No, it is not recommended to the women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or becoming pregnant in near future.

What is Gymnema Sylvester?

Gymnema Sylvester is a woody bush which is inherent to the tropical forests of India, Africa, and Australia. It has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for many years. This herb is believed to prevent sugar absorption and thus has become a general subject in Western Medicinal Study.

What are the health benefits of Gymnema Sylvester?

  • It helps lower blood sugar levels.
  • It contributes to increasing insulin production.
  • It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease by improving cholesteroland triglyceride levels.
  • It assists in weight loss.

How can I place an order?

Following are the steps for ordering a product:

  • Click on a product you want to purchase or click on add to cart button
  • Go to cart and click on checkout
  • Fill in a form with required information such as name, phone number, email address and shipping address on which product will be delivered.
  • Pay for the product by using debit or credit card.

How can I track my order?

After receiving the confirmation message or call from the customer, company will generate a new email containing information about tracking your order. Please not that it could take 3 to 12 hours for an updating of tracking information.

How can I change my account details?

Simply login to your account on our website and change your personal information by clicking on settings option.

What if I forget my account password?

If you have any questions, please do call us on +44203 633 4433 or email us on info@crownherbalproducts.com.

In case you forgot password to access your account, simply click on “Forgot password, you will be asked to put in your email address on which you have created your profile. You will receive a link to change your password in an email sent by us.

Why do Crown Herbal Products require product reviews?

Our representatives will send an email to you to ask for writing your feedback about our products and services. Customer feedback is really important to us.

What to do if I have not received my order?

Our standard delivery of products is completed within 3 to 5 working days. If you do not get your parcel delivered in prescribed time, you should first check the tracking number then contact the carrier to find out where that parcel is. If are still in trouble locating that parcel, please contact us through email.

How can I cancel my order?

If you have a changed your mind with the product ordered, you just need to contact us ASAP so we could stop the product packing and processing of your order before dispatch it to your destination. Order will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded

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How can I pay for products purchased?

You will make payment for your order by using Visa debit or credit card and Master Card as well.